Writing a bio is one of the most concentrated pieces of information about you. It’s an introduction, an advertisement, and the first look at your personality. How do you make sure you do it right? Here are seven things to consider about your bio and how to make it the best representation of yourself.

7 Tips to Writing a Bio

  1. Audience. Consider who might read this and in what context your bio would be considered. Is your bio going on your Linked In page where it will be viewed by many people for various reasons, or will your bio be at the end of an article you wrote about your field of expertise?  You may want more general information that includes multiple experiences for Linked In, but something more tailored about your professional experience in a specific field for the article.
  2. Mini, short, full. Have three versions of the same bio ready. Depending on where this bio will go, there may be length restrictions or other specific requirements, and you can be ready for that. A mini bio would resemble the length of your twitter bio, while a short bio would be a paragraph or so, and a full bio would include the whole shebang.
  3. Pieces. Much like a resume, there are certain things that need to be in your bio: who you are, what you do (or did, in the case of education), and what you’re interested in.
  4. Order. Because attention spans are short and information is abundant and overwhelming, start with the most relevant information at the beginning. Your name and position or company should be in the first sentence, followed by experience, and then interests or other details.
  5. Humor. Be very careful about using humor in a bio. Like any other electronic communication, tone does not convey, and we are generally not as funny as we think we are. Except me…I’m hilarious.
  6. Evolution. Your bio should evolve and grow as you do. New experiences, ongoing training, and updated relevant information must be reflected in your bio – especially if those are things that will set you apart and make you more qualified.
  7. Header. Sometimes the way to set your bio apart is to give it a heading. Imagine your bio is a news article and the header is the headline that makes people want to read the entire article.

Look at the bios of colleagues and consider what you like about the ones that catch your eye. Also, consider what turned you off while reading. If writing a bio just isn’t your strength, check out this article, The Professional Bio Template That Makes Everyone Sound Accomplished, for a simple template or this article, 6 of the Best Professional Bios We’ve Ever Seen, with examples of great bios. However you approach it, recognizing its importance is a great first step. You are interesting, so by default, your bio should be interesting, right?

Good luck in writing your bio!

Jennifer McCool, the owner of Organize This AR, is also a part-time blogger and volunteer junkie. When asked how she became so organized, she blames her parents! “Both my parents were in the military; I never stood a chance to be anything but organized.” Organize This AR offers professional organizing services for business and non-profit organizations that include policy and procedure development, efficiency assessments, administrative tasks, and office organization.  View her website and blog for services and ideas to get organized.





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