Whether you remote work from home or have an office, working at a coffee shop has become very popular. What do those people know that you don’t? Have you thought about it, but haven’t done it yet?  Read on for reasons why you should work out of a coffee shop and how to do just that.

Reasons why:

  1. Changing your scenery, changing your perspective. If your creativity is suffering, change your background. The interactions witnessed at coffee shops and the atmosphere of the right coffee shop can stimulate your creative juices or at the very least give you some good people-watching!
  2. Networking. Spontaneous meetings are possible if you are already in a public space. Meeting someone in line for coffee where you start talking about your work can give birth to new ideas, new collaborations, and new possibilities.
  3. Getting out. If you work from home or from a small office, you know that not having interactions with people for long periods of time can lead to a stir-crazy feeling which can dull your focus. This is especially true for extroverts, but everyone needs some form of social interaction, and not having anyone to talk to all day but your cat can lead to less productivity.
  4. Having treats on demand. Working in a coffee shop means coffee and treats are there when you want. No more walking into the kitchen and not having something sweet in the cabinets. Coffee on demand. Life can’t get sweeter.

So you’re thinking about trying out working from a coffee shop. Here are a few things to make that experience easier for you and the coffee shop.

  1. Don’t be cheap. When you’re working in a public space, do it right by patronizing the establishment and tipping the staff well.  Don’t be that guy (or girl) who comes in and takes up space for a couple of hours, but doesn’t order anything or does and doesn’t give any kind of tip.
  2. Be clean. Make sure to clean up your space before you leave. Chances are that someone else will sit in your spot the minute you leave, so make it comfortable for them. This is the coffee shop equivalent of “Be Kind, Rewind.”
  3. Be quiet. No, it’s not a library, but if you are listening to videos or a webinar, respect those around you by using headphones. Consider using headphones also if you have a phone call to make, and never, ever use the speaker on your phone at the coffee shop. That is a big no-no.
  4. Be aware of your space. Only take up the amount of space necessary to work. Try to come with a full laptop battery, use the community table, and don’t unpack everything from your bag as if you were in your office or at home. Be respectful and make the experience enjoyable for you and everyone around you.

Go out and give it a try. You may be surprised at the amount of work you get done!

Jennifer McCool, the owner of Organize This AR, is also a part-time blogger and volunteer junkie. When asked how she became so organized, she blames her parents! “Both my parents were in the military; I never stood a chance to be anything but organized.” Organize This AR offers professional organizing services for business and non-profit organizations that include policy and procedure development, efficiency assessments, administrative tasks, and office organization.  View her website and blog for services and ideas to get organized.





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