Do you make resolutions or do you make plans? You can’t take care of business unless you take care of yourself, and this is the time of year most people are making resolutions to do just that. That’s nice, but it’s also scientifically improbable that you will succeed.  There are many reports that state 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the first week of February.

The better thing to do, for you and your business, is to come up with a plan for the year.  What will you tackle? When will you tackle it? How?

Here are a few things that can help you get it done and succeed in achieving the goals you set:

1.     Eliminate the word Should from your vocabulary. When you start a sentence with “I should have…,” it immediately takes on a negative tone and will make you feel bad.  If you want to do something badly enough, do it.  If you didn’t do it that day, don’t say, “I should have [exercised, gone to yoga, cleaned out my closet, etc].” Instead, say, “I will [exercise, go to yoga, clean out my closet, etc] tomorrow.” Plan and then commit to doing the thing.  Additionally, consider whether you are using the word should because that’s what general societal expectations are.  If that’s why decide what is good for you and forget anyone else.

2.     Complete a Life Audit. This is a fascinating process that instructs you to think about and write down every goal you want to achieve, categorize the goals and determine how long it will take to achieve them. Goals are both big and small, and some of the suggested questions you are supposed to ask yourself are enlightening. “What do I consider essential?”  “When do I feel most energized?” “What does meaningful mean to me?”

3.     Get a theme. Founder of the Productivityist, Mike Vardy, has a great system that makes you consider words to guide your decision-making with monthly themes and daily themes.  This process makes you define tasks by ought to do, need to do, and want to do.  Make a schedule for you and your business that is more carefully determined and has some deeper meaning that can make it more successful.

Forget making resolutions and instead make a plan of attack that has meaning and is developed from true introspection.  This will result in your developing honest goals you want to achieve that can be carried out in a way that is set up to be more positive and effective.

Happy New Year!

Jennifer McCool, the owner of Organize This AR, is also a part-time blogger and volunteer junkie. When asked how she became so organized, she blames her parents! “Both my parents were in the military; I never stood a chance to be anything but organized.” Organize This AR offers professional organizing services for business and non-profit organizations that include policy and procedure development, efficiency assessments, administrative tasks, and office organization.  View her website and blog for services and ideas to get organized.

The Twiggs Group is a marketing and social media management company located in Northwest Arkansas.  We are passionate about branding and working with fun clients with big dreams.  Our team has over 30 years of collective experience in marketing, branding, tourism, design and public relations. We are passionately focused on delighting our clients, and to do that, we do a lot of listening. We listen to your story, pay attention to your core values and take ownership of your dreams. Listening is the first step to understanding, and when we understand what you want to achieve, we can help you make those dreams a reality.

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