If you are a freelancer, consultant, remote work from home, or own your own business, one big decision is whether to have an office front or just work from home.  There are so many things to consider, and when you are already making a multitude of decisions every day, it can get frustrating. To help, here are 5 things to ask yourself about an office space.

  1. Do you have employees? This question, all by itself, tells you what you need to know. If you have employees, you need a work space, and it shouldn’t be your home. Despite the stories of two guys creating a multi-million-dollar company out of a garage, having employees working from your house is kind of creepy.
  2. Are you expecting walk-in business? Another part of the question is whether you need a place to meet clients.  If your services are such that someone walking down the street would see your office and think “Oh wow, I DO need therapy/artwork/IT support/marketing/that amazing thing you do.” then yes, you should have an office space. As for meeting clients, consider whether these meetings can take place at their place of business or a coffee shop.  Or, ask yourself if you even need to meet in person at all. Between Skype, Google Hangouts, Screenhero, and the like, a live chat or video conference call will often work just fine.
  3. Can you afford the overhead? If you are just starting out and have very limited funds, then maybe you should hold off on the office space until everything else starts to take shape.  Proper equipment, an online presence, and marketing materials such as business cards are more important at the beginning and may wipe out the funding you have to get established.
  4. Is there room at the Inn? If you live in a small apartment or a large home but have many family members, it may not be possible to work from home. Consider the space that you have and whether it is sufficient for you to do all of the things your work entails.
  5. Can you shut off “home” distractions? One of the hardest parts about working in your house is that you can get sidetracked by things to do in the home. On your way to the kitchen for some coffee, you decide to throw a load of laundry in the wash or start the dishwasher.  Also, if you are not focused, it becomes easy to get distracted by anything at home – Netflix marathon, a nap, hanging out with the cat. Next thing you know, it’s been three days and you haven’t actually done any work.


By asking yourself these questions, you should be able to easily make a decision on your office space.  Which is good because you’ve got more important things to do!


Jennifer McCool, the owner of Organize This AR, is also a part-time blogger and volunteer junkie. When asked how she became so organized, she blames her parents! “Both my parents were in the military; I never stood a chance to be anything but organized.” Organize This AR offers professional organizing services for business and non-profit organizations that include policy and procedure development, efficiency assessments, administrative tasks, and office organization.  View her website and blog for services and ideas to get organized.



{photo credit: Vadim Sherbakov, Unsplash}


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