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Every child is precious and deserves a chance to grow up to realize his or her full potential. While all parents face numerous challenges along the way, some are lucky to have extensive networks of family and friends to help guide them on their parenting journey. On the other hand, others have far fewer resources.  For those families, Family Network Inc. can be a safety net and support system.

Family Network Inc. is a non-profit corporation that began inaugural home visits in July 1995, with the vision of healthy children being raised in nurturing homes.  Their mission is to meet the needs of families in Washington County by providing individualized parenting education and family support prior to the birth of and during the first three years of a child’s life. To invest in healthy families so that children experience positive, nurturing environments in those most critical first three years of life is the greatest investment a community can have.

Family Network Inc. uses the Healthy Families America model for their services.  Healthy Families America is a program of Prevent Child Abuse America. Parent educators work intensively to empower young women to provide a healthy, nurturing, and stimulating environment for their children; create positive family relationships; and develop personal, educational, and vocational skills that lead to a more productive life for the mother herself.

Family Network programs are made available by partnering with Arkansas Children’s Hospital, United Way of Northwest Arkansas, and the Bank of America Foundation.  The support of corporate, philanthropic, and university organizations, and individual donors is enhanced by fundraising events which are invaluable for additional program expenses.

The group’s popular annual fundraiser, Family Foto Fest, is in its fifteenth year. This event takes place in the fall and provides outdoor family portraits by professional photographers with the $150 session fee paid by the participants given as a donation to the organization.  The locations, Mount Sequoyah in Fayetteville and Walter Turnbow Park in Springdale, are great places to showcase the beautiful colors of fall.  In addition, articles like How Family Portraits Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem and Photography Builds Self-Esteem, confirm that this activity has far-reaching effects on the child and family.

It is only through the generous support of the community that program services can help families break cycles of low-educational achievement, poverty, and abuse. To get involved, go to their website by clicking here or follow Family Network on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Jennifer McCool with Organize This ARJennifer McCool, the owner of Organize This AR, is also a part-time blogger and volunteer junkie. When asked how she became so organized, she blames her parents! “Both my parents were in the military; I never stood a chance to be anything but organized.” Organize This AR offers professional organizing services for business and non-profit organizations that include policy and procedure development, efficiency assessments, administrative tasks, and office organization.  View her website and blog for services and ideas to get organized.





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